Compilation album redefining the possibilities of what electronic music can be.

Renraku Global Media

Digital Release and Cover Design

Early 2021

The sound of Realtime feels very futuristic, highly technical and even experimental in some places. This is what I wanted to convey in the artwork for the various artists album. The deisign of the cover was inspired by the memorable plastic product design of Y2K technology and more solid, contemporary forms.

This project was a really challanging one as I only had a week to ideate, design, model and generaly put together the whole piece.

Thankfully I had some more time after the cover design deadline to create the animations. These were super fun to play with as I already had all the assets I needed and could focus on animating all the pieces.

2D Designs



The main typography was the first step that got me closer to the final design of the whole cover. It needed to represent the style of the Renraku record label, fit with the vibe of the album and feel fresh at the same time.


This type was designed by Antireal. He sent this one to me saying I could incorporate it into the cover somehow which I happily did. Thank you Ben!

Other Assets

I also created a Spotify canvas for the compilation. Unfortunately Spotify isn't very v/a compilation friendly and we couldn't upload the canvas for most of the tracks.

I also was commisioned to design an additional cover for a single that came out before the compilation. One could say it was a very Aleph Moment.


I've got more

You can see more of my design work here or explore my other creative endeavours here.

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